As the Heads of States and Governments of the 25 African Coffee Producing Countries converge in Nairobi Kenya from 25th -27th May, 2022, a reflection of the past promises to provide a rich heritage that will impact into the future of both coffee producers and consumers.

The impact of coffee production and exports on long-term economic growth for the 25 countries cannot be gain said. The advocacy for this transformative approach is coined under the theme of “Sustainable Development and Economic Growth in the African Coffee Sector”.


The theme will marshal a consensus and anchor Coffee as a Commodity in the African Union in harmony with the Africa Agenda 2063.

The theme therefore calls for amplification of coffee by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which provides for movement of persons, capital, goods, and service to deepen economic integration and promotion of agricultural development, food security, industrialization and structural economic transformation.

The Sustainable Development will surely lead to Pan Africanism providing an economic growth of African Coffee Sector. The renaissance is set to be revealed during presentations of topical issues bedeviling the growth of this important Sector in Africa.

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